Tokenize your freemium or premium access with our permission based blockchain.

RinOpen tokenize your mobile app features, SaaS components, games items, services, contents and many more.
Try it for free, setup in an instant, sell it or give it for free, it is really up to you and how you want to engage your visitors.

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About Us

The very first blockchain dedicated to unleash the true power of your company

Control you gas fees (transaction fees), the price you want to sell your tokens, private or open tokens, we have solutions for you.
The famework we use is Hyperledger Fabric, launch by IBM, and backed by the Linux Foundation.

Robust Technology
Professional Staff
24/7 Support
Fair Prices, it is free for now !

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Our Services

What Solutions We Provide

Open Token

The RinOpen is an open token, which can be spent and purchased in any partners.
Be trusted and earn from the the network.

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Private Token

You have a network, then you might need to your private token. This token can be spent only on your websites, no where else.

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Easy to set up

Only a button is needed to accept the token.
To sell tokens, we will assist you through our
4 steps process within a single day.

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Set the value

On your the asset you grant access to.
RinOpen token is around 0,01€ tax included, and totally up to you on your private token.

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Optimize on flight

Deploy a micro-service backend to monitor tokes activity and optimize pricing with your home cooked algorithm

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Join the network

Increase your participation to the network and earn from it: clients, synergies, services and special collaboration.

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